August 27, 2015

First Baby Purchase: Baby Cot

Finally make my first baby shopping purchase: Baby Cot

I bought it pre-order from Mummy's Market (Oct 2015 Baby Expo)

Brand & model: Jarrons & Co 5-in-1 Happy Sleep baby cot
Price: S$ 169,- (just the bed, without mattress & bedding set)

It looks better in real life actually. This photo makes it looks cheap -_- They have white colour also, which is prettier, but costs $20 more. It can be converted to 5 functions (hence the 5-in-1); baby cot, then bedside cot (my favourite), toddler cot (lowered height), playpen, and bench.

I've been eye-ing this cot since the previous baby expo (on July), and since then I've been researching everywhere (in tiny Singapore) where to find better value cot than this one.
Mind you, this price is only expo price. In the store, they sell it for $329 or something (with mattress).

Few comparisons:
1. IKEA cot: they have $79 model, but it can only be adjusted between 2 height and that's it. Superior model will be $199, more expensive than this Jarrons' one. It looks sturdier, but only 2 heights and nothing else.
2. Mothercare cot: even the cheapest one is more expensive, and not sturdier. (We tried in the store, the materials & build is about the same as Jarrons'.)
3. Travel cot? They don't look nice at all, and the price is $100 and above. I can't justify buying something I don't like and don't look safe / comfortable for the baby for $100.

There's always the option to purchase second hand cot, but then... there's safety issue with old parts and whatnot, and it still advertised around $70-150...

So, after a long month of contemplating, I finally make my first purchase for the baby (yippee) and I can cross off the first item on my long long checklist.

Since it's pre order item and the baby expo is still in Oct, I will probably get it by Nov or so. And I'll be in Jakarta during that time, waiting for my due date (:
SO I'll only see it on Feb/March next year!

Restarting the blog.

Okay, so I had this habit of keep creating new blogs / sites, but then I never had the time to actually write something on it. I wrote 1-2 posts, then I get bored. Feels like I'm talking to myself. Haha. So one day (today), I remember I had this blog, and last post I wrote is in 2011. 4 years ago. I scroll through the posts and I couldn't find anything that I could relate to at the moment (too cheesy, too childish, too emotional, talking about now-ex boyfriend...). I select all and delete. I'm going to be a mother, and I'm thinking to write about typical mummy stuff. Baby shopping list, doctors, etc. Because, no matter how much you heard about it, read about it, research about it, it will never be enough. Here's to a new beginning!